The massive devastation caused by the Lombok Earthquake

We were heart broken to see the devastation caused by last weeks earthquake in Lombok, it’s a place that we know and love and have visited many times on our travels.
Like many backpackers we would visit the Gili Islands for a bit of R n’ R after an intense week of visiting producers in Bali. Whilst we were snorkeling and swimming with the tropical fish we didn’t stop to think that the highest point in Gili Air is maybe 5 m above sea level and should there be a tsunami there is literally nowhere to go. 
So we could understand the panic of not just the tourists but more importantly of the people who lived there, who weren’t able to just get on a plane and leave but had to stay and rebuild their homes and their livelihoods.
Crowds of holiday makers and locals waiting for a boat to leave the usually idyllic Gilli Islands
Fortunately our producers are mainly based in Bali so have not been too badly affected but we are working on arranging a fund raising to help our friends in Lombok with the long term rebuilding. In the meantime if you would like to help Oxfam have launched an appeal to help in the immediate aftermarth of the earthquakes.

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