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The first thing that struck me about Laos were the trees, as we came into land, there were trees, trees everywhere, an unbroken canopy of beautiful trees.  I had a powerful sense that we had gone back in time to a simpler place. away from the problems of the modern world.

The French Colonists used to say; ” The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it grow and the Lao listen to it grow.”

We found the Lao people some of the gentlest people we had met in Asia, they did everything in a calm collected way.  Everything worked and we didn’t experience the usual hassles of travelling that we usually did in Asia.  The longer we spent in Laos the more time we spent just sitting and watching, I loved watching the beautiful landscape and especially the wide slow flowing rivers that are the main transportation arteries in this mountainous country.

Sun drenched, arid, Andalusia, is the area in the deep south of Spain that borders Gibraltar and looks across the narrow straits of Gibraltar to Morocco and the continent of Africa.

 It feels different from the rest of Spain and that is not only down to topography and climate. 

For almost 800 years Andalusia was controlled by the Moors,  who named the province Al Andalus.  This time was a golden age for Andalusia, the Moors brought with them the new religion of Islam and with it many architectural and cultural innovations, as well as many modern ideas.  The Moors were far more advanced than the Europeans of the time and brought with them knowledge of medicine, mathematics and maybe most importantly knowledge of hydrography and irrigation.

It is the history, the traditions, the way of life and the deep peacefulness of the Andalusian countryside that have made us fall in love with Andalusia!

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Welcome to the Inspirational Traveller Tours.  We want to take you to some of the World’s more Interesting, Unusual & Adventurous places.

Our tours are fully immersive, we want you to experience the culture and flavour of the country.  Our first tours are tours for painters of any level who want the time and space to let their painting skills flourish!

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