Peter and his daughters Lucy & Emily at Wat Xieng Thong, Luang Prabang, Laos


About Us

Peter Harlow is the inspirational Traveller, he spent a year travelling around Asia in 1996-97. On coming back from his year’s globetrotting he set up One World is Enough, a fair trade business selling Ethnic Clothes and Crafts produced by the artisans he met on his Round the World Trip.

Peter spends at least a month abroad visting One World is Enough’s suppliers, working with them, designing new clothes and meeting new producers to join their network of Fair Trade Producers. Their current producers are based in India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand, but Peter is often travelling round the region meeting new producers and indulging his great passion of exploring new countries and places.  And it’s true the more you travel, the more you discover, the more you realise how many places there are you have never been to but really want to explore.

We recently set up the Inspirational Traveller to share with you 20 years of travellers knowledge and insight on some of the World’s less travelled places as well as some popular places too.  We aim to bring you information and insights of the places that we have travelled to.  We try to point you in the right direction and recommend hotels, trips and destinations that we think are worth trying.

We are offering you a curated view, we are not trying to cover absolutely everything about each destination that we visit.

We are trying to promote intelligent, responsible travel that helps the countries that we visit by giving an insight into local cultures and traditions.  So please tread lightly, be interested and be respectful.